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Suspension Project ‘12 V6 Coupe

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  • Suspension Project ‘12 V6 Coupe

    Hey Folks,

    After a few months with my 2012 V6 coupe, I find the ride to be a bit harsh on bumbs and rough Chicago streets. I’m new to owning a mustang and have done some small mods here and there. While we are all locked down, I am looking at some projects and I‘d like do something about the stiff ride and suspension. A buddy took a look and said I have Eibach proline lowering springs and Eibach sway bars but w/o adjustable end links. He suggested B12 Bilstiens to pair with my current springs or I can use B6 Bilstiens if I go back to stock springs.

    I have a budget of $200-$400; preferably on the $200 end. Can anyone elaborate to a noob? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks and I hope everyone is happy, safe and well.

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    Stock suspension parts will give the quietest and most comfortable ride. I would try finding stock sway bars and sell the eibach sway bars you have. That should make the ride feel a little less stiff. If the ride is still too harsh, I would then go back to stock springs. Aftermarket lowering spring are generally stiffer to keep the car from bottoming out. While you're looking at the suspension, give the shocks and struts a good look to make sure they aren't leaking.

    Decent shocks and struts get expensive and will more than likely exceed your $200-$400 budget.

    Whatever you end up doing, make sure you get the alignment checked. You don't want to be replacing expensive tires because camber or toe adjustment was off.

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