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  • v8venomgt's - 2008 DHG BULLITT

    april 6, 2009 i took delivery of 1543 with only 1.356 miles on it. i was happy to say the very least. i love it. the signature bullitt highland green paint, the clean lines of a retro throwback, dark argent grey wheels, gt500 inspired interior, limited production, and that oem bullitt exhaust tone..... it was hot. i couldnt pass it up, and i had to have it. it had everything i wanted in an s197, super low mileage, no holes drilled in the bumper, clean and straight body, factory HIDS, along with the fact the last guy didnt drive it but took the depreciation hit for me didnt hurt either im definitely satisfied with the fact of being back in the saddle of a mustang, and the bullitt is a great fit for me.


    -tuned by Larry Stauner @ ASSC Racing
    -SCT software

    -Turbo Horsepower 3v single turbo kit (3 inch mandrel bent mild steel, Jet Hot coated)
    -Garrett T4/61MM turbo A/R.70 (EC-1 M24) exhaust .94 (048-.050 oil restrictor) , billet wheel impeller, 10 PSI spring
    -Tial billet 38 MM external wastegate
    -Tial billet aluminum 50mm blowoff valve
    -THP intercooler core dimensions; 3.5" x 9" x 24
    -DEI titanium t4 turbo cover 010144

    - VMP HPX MAF sensor (slot style)
    -M124053V12 FRPP spark plugs
    -valve cover breaher right side, tube to vent passenger side.
    -Permacool oil filter relocation

    -OEM cast iron manifolds
    -Dynomax 3 in catback

    -Siemens Decca 60lbs/hour injectors
    -GT500 Fuel Pumps

    -2007 take out TR6060
    *built by Matt's Performance (bikewiz) with carbon blocker rings 1-2. hybrid metal/carbon 3-6, and brass upgrades
    -Mcleod RST twin disc clutch
    -Mcleod lightened steel flywheel
    -Mcleod adjustable throwout bearing
    -JPC braided clutch line
    -FRPP KR shifter, Billet Pro Shop series 100 shift knob, BPS billet squared handle
    -OEM 2 piece driveshaft
    -factory upraded diff (GT500 spec) with carbon fiber clutch packs

    -UPR chromoly tubular K
    -BMR front swaybar delete/radiator support bar
    -BMR adjustable panhard bar
    -FRPP lowering k springs
    -Prothane polyurethane bullet motor mounts
    -strut tower brace with 1543 build # (OEM)

    -2011 GT500 4 piston calipers, 14" rotors (front)
    -2013 GT500 rear calipers, 13.8 rotors
    -Boss 302 brake line kit M-2078-MB
    -Autozone Cmax brake pads

    -3M clear bra protection applied on hood, front bumper, and leading edges of the fenders
    -35% window tint on all windows+ 6 inch windshield strip
    -highland green matched side view mirror caps
    -trimmed lower grille. scuffed down and shot with flat black basecoat
    -Raxiom sequential tailight plug & play harness

    -Race Star Dark Star Drag Wheel - Direct Drill +63004 McGard lug set
    *18x10.5 Nitto NT05R 305/45/18
    *17x7 Cooper Zeon RS3-S 225 /50/17

    -Autometer Cobalt digital boost/vac gauge
    -Innovate DB wideband
    -ATI steering wheel dual gauge mount
    -Raptor single stage LED blue shift light dome light mounted
    -cloth coverking seat covers, Bullet Bill embroidered in the seat backs from the girlfriend

    -Ford Racing valve covers; black crinkle finish
    -NDZ "BULLITT" strut tower caps
    -FRPP hood struts


    JULY 2014

    dyno july 2014 by v8venomgt, on Flickr

    2014 was a big year for me and made a lot of changes. the flat black forged 18 inch roush wheels were pulled and sold. the car at the time then sat on hyper black 20 inch roush wheels. the shitty catch can is gone with a breather/vent tube in place. the turbo was resealed and the turbo compressor housing was modified from a cast wheel. to a billet wheel. the 3650/spec 3+ combo came out, and a tr6060/mcleod rst twin disk combo went in. 3.73s were changed from the 3.31s to compensate for the 6060 gearing. the 8psi spring was yanked for a 10 psi spring. lastly the twin gt super car pumps in the stock hat was replaced with a dual pump gt500 fuel system. since i do like to try different things, i went from mike posts tuning to larry stauner to get the car dialed in. the car makes more peak power, with more power under the curve. im very happy with the results.

    September 2011

    dyno april 2011 by v8venomgt, on Flickr
    new numbers after making a few changes (CMDP, 3 in dynomax exhaust, 3.31s, non crushed air filter, catch can added)

    Originally posted by v8venomgt 09-24-2011
    the *best* pass of the night was

    60' 2.313
    330 5.828
    1/8 8.541 @ 92.64 mph
    1000' 10.806
    1/4 [email protected] 121.32

    i know i cant drive for shit, never claimed i could. i was just curious what it would run, and what it should run in general. MPH indicates it can do a lot more than im currently capable of as a driver. nothing broke, hung out with a few cmc bros, and had a good time

    October 2009 BOOST

    dyno october 2009 by v8venomgt, on Flickr

    #s acheived by the upgraded fuel system, turbo at 8#s , and fmic only. the car at this time had still retained the stock intake manifold charge motion plates, exhaust manifolds, mufflers, pullies, 3.73s that had come factory, etc

    Originally posted by v8venomgt 10-02-2010
    60- 2.4
    1/8- 8.930 @ 89.80
    1000- 11.248
    1/4- 13.181 @ 117.84

    it was a lot easier to get the car out of the hole stock no matter what i did, i was consistently running 2.3- 2.4 60'. one was even a 2.5 i did manage a 2.2 but iirc, i had to let out of it because i busted the tires loose on a gear change.

    i was just trying to get used to the car. first few passes i didnt bother to air down. i didnt do a smokey burnout, mostly because i saw everyone slipping even with burnouts so i figured why bother. the car had a top mph of 118.78 which i was happy about, i also didnt miss any shifts, or break anything. it was a good shakedown outing for me. i definitely want a line lock now lol

    9/1/09 baseline all stock (save for the frpp lowering springs )1/4 mile at GLD
    60' -2.160
    330 -5.004
    1/8-8.933 @81.42
    1/4 [email protected]

    stealth hood pins

    retrofit cloth coyote recaro seats & boss 302 x brace
    motor build that has a laundry list of possible ideas when the stock motor pukes out its rods or chucks the oil pump. end result is a motor build that revolves around it being a street car on makes great power on 93 octane.
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    16543175905_c6ff8172d9_c by v8venomgt

    IMG_20150210_144506 by [url=[email protected]/]

    IMG_20150210_110910 by

    IMG_20150210_110811 by v8venomgt, on Flickr

    FB_IMG_1423460256823 by v8venomgt

    IMG_20150124_134706 by [url=[email protected]/]

    IMG_20150124_123443 by v8venomgt

    15381008465_a78661483b_b by v8venomgt

    dog n suds season opener 6 by v8venomgt

    dog n suds season opener 4 by v8venomgt

    34832a5dbgn by v8venomgt

    BPS knob by matt kahn, on Flickr

    kramit closer 2013 by v8venomgt

    kramit jdm by v8venomgt

    kramit closer cruise 3 by v8venomgt

    closer rest stop 2 by v8venomgt

    2011 opener by v8venomgt

    season opener 1 by v8venomgt

    009 by v8venomgt

    M2 by v8venomgt
    (what the car weighed mostly stock)

    rolling meadows 2 by v8venomgt
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    "Make it three yards motherfucker, and we'll have us an automobile race."


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      SICK! Glad to see you back in a Mustang Matt.


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        the car is SIIICK!! can't wait to hear thumper cams in this thing
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          Originally posted by UWISHU1 View Post
          the car is SIIICK!! can't wait to hear thumper cams in this thing
          haha no cams for now....but i got something in store
          "Make it three yards motherfucker, and we'll have us an automobile race."


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            Originally posted by BLAZE View Post
            SICK! Glad to see you back in a Mustang Matt.
            so im thinking ill get slp exhaust again and trade with you again?
            "Make it three yards motherfucker, and we'll have us an automobile race."


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              fucking sweet matt...great choice
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                very nice matt!! I cant wait to see this thing riding on the K springs
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                  Congrats on the buy bro!! Glad to have ya on this site man.... Cant wait to see you and the Bullitt more often this summer. Good luck with all the mods.
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                    Sweet car dude! I look forward to more nights driving your drunk ass home in this


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                      Sic ride Matt. Glad to see you in a Mustang again!
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                        congrats guy, glad to have ya back. car is beautiful
                        Click for pics
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                          Yep very nice choice, seeing how I have one also
                          A few of us other Bullitt owners their (4) 5 counting you was wondering
                          who owned yours...
                          After getting mine in mid February and 6K later it's about done motor wise
                          other than a shot of juice and a dyno tune..coming soon.
                          Have you been over here
                          Seeya around...
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                            that thing is sick Matt! congrats again!

                            here are the pics i took with my cell phone when we were chatting!

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                            All stock


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                              Originally posted by v8venomgt View Post
                              so im thinking ill get slp exhaust again and trade with you again?
                              Nah man. Thanks for the offer though.
                              MY SLOW JUNK