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    Hello, so I finally put my mustang together and planned on starting it for the first time in almost 8 years today. The issue I have ran into is I have no electrical power what so ever and it is like I do not have a battery in the car. I cannot even get power to the locks or windows. I will have to do a continuity test after I recover from a small surgery tomorrow. Other than that what can I look for? I am stumped and was very upset that I could not hear this car run today. Any help or direction would be wonderful

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    Start simple. Make sure all power and grounds are hooked up. I've been through this before and it's usually something silly that I overlooked.

    Get a test light and start probing to figure out what has power and what doesn't. Also do a sanity check and put a multimeter on the battery to see if it has voltage.

    Make sure the main grounds are clean and do not have paint or anything that would act as an insulator. Take a close look at the starter solenoid on the fender and make sure you're not missing a cable.

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