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Thread: New owner in west suburbs

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    I believe there was only 10 street cars there with street tires. A couple had street drag radials. My first run was 13.4 at 106. And I pretty much stayed that way the next 3 runs. Some tire slippage at launch 🤪. But I had fun. It was really hot and humid. Inlet temps at 140, cylinder heads at 212. 60 foot at 2.1 was my best. Saw a 2020 mustang 4 cylinder turbo stock do 14.4, it was a very pretty black convertible. All in all, happy to get out to the track for my first time and just have fun going down it, even with nuclear smoke stacks in the distance. Lol.

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    Dan you are my idol

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    Nice ride. Welcome!
    whoa its been a while sandman.

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