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    Default 2018 PP Eco

    Where do I start ?
    After having my eco for 1 year I struggled if I should keep it the way it is or get my pierogi hands busy and start putting all the stuff I had sitting for a while.
    Last winter I started looking for parts on Ebay, Offerup, LetGo and Craigslist ( open box, slightly used, or new ones for lower cost )
    I ended up with:
    -NX2 turbocharger ( it was used, but turbonetics did complete overhaul on it )
    -Turbosmart Wastegate actuator
    -Turbosmart dual port BOV
    -NGK 6510 Spark plugs gapped to 0.026"
    -CVF Front Mount Intercooler
    -CVF Intercooler Piping
    -CVF 3" catless downpipe
    -Tomei Titanium Exhaust
    -1" wheel spacers
    -Cobb accessport + 93 PD Tune
    -UPR Catch can.
    Long story short, after sitting at home for 2 months I decided to slap all the parts on.
    Contacted Brian @ PD Tuning , currently I am on my 2 tune revision and car is pushing 24-25 PSI.
    That setup should get me somewhere by ~400WHP range.
    Honestly I do like it, considering a fact that I paid %40-%50 less for all the parts.
    Next on my list ?
    Pedders Coilovers ( maybe this or next weekend, don't really feel like putting them on now )

    Sorry for the link but IDK how to work this picture thingy here ( damn you pierogi hands )

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    You had me at pierogi

    Nice build. This car must be a blast to drive. I had the chance to drive a '15 Ecoboost for a week when they first came out. Felt really well balanced and fun even at stock boost. I'm sure the '18 PP is even better.

    I fixed your pics. It's kind of a pain to post pics on the site. What you need to do is get the direct image link and then post the link with IMG tags. I took a screenshot of what I did. I got the direct link by opening your picture, then tap held on the image, and opened it in a new tab. Then I copied and pasted that link with the .jpg extension.


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    Can't go wrong with pierogi . And thanks for showing me how to do a picture thingy.

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