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Thread: Spark plug blown out of head. Best fix?

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    Default Spark plug blown out of head. Best fix?

    03 cobra, only 14K miles and I had a spark plug blow out of the head. It took the threads with it so my question is... has this happened to anyone here before? What is the best fix?

    Iím stuck between repairing it with a time sert or replacing the heads with 9 thread heads (have extra set of heads from my Mach 1), any other suggestions?

    If I do the time sert Iíd be doing it without removing heads, should be a rather quick repair but I donít know if it would be the best route to take or if it would hold up & be reliable.... Plus the kit is ~500$ with aluminum inserts.

    Plan on running ~25lbs with a TVS/e85 combo as soon as I get this sorted out

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    If u are running that much boost I would get some 04 cobra heads with updated threads. No point on having to deal with this twice

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