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Thread: Looking at 11+ Mustang GT

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    Default Looking at 11+ Mustang GT

    I am an old head Stang fan having owned a few fox bodies, SN95's, New Edge and just a 09 GT/CS. I am looking at getting a 2011 and newer budget build prefer automatic. What are the some issues or things to look for. The latest one I liked had 142k miles and an auto trans. I wanted something that is quick stock for now and maybe upgrage/mod later.
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    Can’t comment on coyotes I don’t have one but I would look at it all the usual stuff leaks , gaskets, etc
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    They seem to be pretty solid cars. Other than the manual trans having some issues (mainly people not knowing how to drive), I'm not aware of any major issues on the 11-14 cars.

    Early on, tuners were melting either cylinder 4 or 8 because of less cooling at that part of the block. Once tuners figured it out, those issues stopped.

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    The 11-14 are good cars and cheap. I have a guy that purchased a 2011 with 89,000 miles on it for 13k and added a blower for $7000 with a few upgrades and is making 700 rwhp. Total investment less around 20k for a 700rwhp car with blue tooth and AC. Not bad.....

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    Pretty solid cars, Ive had mine since new (2012 Auto Car) no real big issues only thing that has really happened is the diff was leaking from the axle vent and even then it was mild drips on the garage floor. Keep up with regular maintenance and the car won't give you any problems. If I personally could find a vert that wasn't ratted out Id buy another one.
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