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Thread: FS: 1994 built mustang

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    Default FS: 1994 built mustang

    351w, tko600, spool rear with 355 gears and 31 spline axles, tube k member and A arms, coil overs, camber plates, bump stops, alum drive shaft, adjustable shocks, aerospace 4 piston clprs, flaming river manual rack, electric water pump, sumped tank, a1000 pump with filters, guages, roll bar, racing seats and so on. im looking for either 13,500 for the whole car, or 5k as a roller. i did not build this car, but i got it for the driveline for another car im building... but if i can sell this car, id coyo swap my notch. car is located at my shop in chicago ridge

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    If you wanna sell that alternator bracket setup let me know!

    1989 mustang gt strictly my race bitch
    434 sbf all motor baby th,400 4.56 gear,q-16,aluminum heads,big cam,big carb, o an DRIVER MOD!!!

    daily drivers
    02 mustang
    408w with a c4

    01 ford ranger
    Beater with a heater

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