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Thread: 2020 GT500

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    I'm sure the DCT is also a bit softer on the cf driveshaft. I've seen those explode on a high rpm clutch dump.
    Check right about the 5:20 mark...

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    This is cool, sometimes manual gets very tiring and making long drives it clearly sucks I’m open to the new change!
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    I blame millennials for the lack of manual trans. Fuckin pussies.

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    It does have three modes, full auto, semi auto & full manual.

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    "Full manual", assisted by computers, rev-matching and oh yeah, no clutch... no thx
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    For the money they will be asking for the gt500 I feel they should offer the consumer the option of a manual or DCT. I myself would take a DCT trans based on the fact that I know myself could never shift that fast. And would rather watch the competition in the rear view mirror. I feel like the manual guys "most of them" want the thrill of banging gears. Which I have been in the mustang game for over 25yrs and can say 90%+ that I have seen cant take full advantage of at manual and it's not fully about winning or competing. With that being said.... to each there own on choice of trans, but ford should offer the consumer what they want when spending up to or over 100k. We will see what the mark up is when it comes. Cheers fellas

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