For Sale I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport (XJ)

I picked it up from another member in Fall, and fixed it up, and ended up never really getting “the Jeep thing”. It’s a charming little truck, but simply doesn’t get used with the Suburban sitting next to it.

It runs like a Swiss watch with a long list of new parts and I suspect an engine replacement at some point in time (267k on the odometer, but I have photos of the top end apart).

New parts:
Clock Spring
Turn Signal Stalk
Rear Plate Cover plastic
Rear Hatch Struts
Fuel Filler Neck Hose
Fuel Filler Vent Hose
Rear Leaf Spring Pack
Rear Shackles
Rear Endlinks
Rear Bump Stops
Rear Shocks
Rear Flag Bolts
Front Shocks
Upper Ball Joints
Lower Ball Joints
Front Axle U-Joints
Valve Cover Gasket
Valve Cover Grommets
Water Neck
Water Neck Gasket
Oil Change
Upper Radiator Hose
Heater Core Hoses
Driver front Door Catch and Pin
Tensioner pulley
Lift shackles
Coil spacer

It has some cosmetic blemishes, but is solid (floor plans have no rot, major mounting points are all clean, Unibody is solid, has a patch)

Grey interiors in great shape, aftermarket stereo and viper remote start.

My price is $3000, this is a stout platform to start a fun project with, and is a solid truck to start with. I’ve lost my ass on labor and parts already on this truck, so please don’t make silly offers.