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Thread: Thanks Drew

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    Default Thanks Drew

    The original tuner that did a great job tuning the ported eaton moved to Michigan. With the VMP setup on E85 I wanted to put my faith in Drew. He always rocked the E85 tuning on his old blue 01 Cobra.

    All said he got 702hp and 690tq out of it. Very pleased especially how snappy the throttle response is.

    I was impressed how focused and accurate Drew is with the car on the dyno. Takes his time.

    Above all the tune is safe, runs butter smooth, and has restored my love of this car I've owned for over 10yrs.
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    Swear to GOD if you get a shitty GTO I will be flying back to IL and plant my balls on your face! That's how you deal with bitches, balls to the face.

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    Holy shit! This thing gonna be rapin bitches on the streets of Mexico!

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    No shit, nice numbers!
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    Thanks for letting me tune it. When it came in i knew something wasn't right, glad i was able to bring back your love for the '01 and get you that 700 number as well.
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