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Thread: Frankie DeFeo will be Live on CroftgateUSA's Facebook Page today at 5:00pm EDT

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    Default Frankie DeFeo will be Live on CroftgateUSA's Facebook Page today at 6:00pm EDT

    Several forum members currently use products from Croftgate USA. Some of you may have heard of them and most of you have not.

    Have questions about detailing your vehicle? Want to know more about CROFTGATE USA? Whether you are a professional, novice, or just want the best for your car you can learn from the man himself, Frankie DeFeo, with 25 years of experience this guy knows his stuff. Frankie is currently the Global Sales and Marketing Director of Croftgate USA, coordinator of Croftcare, and still finds time to detail vehicles of all types. Learn how to use the best products in the world to get outstanding results, no experience required! "That's Croftgate USA!"

    Here's the link to the public event, which starts at 6:00pm EDT -

    If you're on Facebook, you can view this Live event from anywhere! This is currently a weekly event, every Monday at 6:00pm EDT.
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