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Thread: The Rebirth of GRAFIX 00' GT

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajroccaforte View Post
    It seems like both quality and contrast are off on those pics, not sure why; must've been with how they were uploaded. Here are the pics in better resolution with the correct contrast.

    Down tbe street from my house
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5LugCriff View Post
    Down tbe street from my house

    Magnaflow Magnapack Catback, Magnaflow O/R X-Pipe, C&L Plenum+Throttle Body, Koni STR.T Shocks/Strut,
    Cobra Brakes, Battery Relocated to Trunk, 3.73 Gears, MM Control Arms, Welded Subframe Connectors, Eibach Sway Bars,
    B&M Trans Cooler, Underdrive Pulleys, MM 6pt Cage, Aluminum Driveshaft, Carbon Fiber Everything

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