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Issues connecting XCAL3 to Windows PC

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Problem Solved

Just got off the phone with SCT, and here's what I learned...

From the Tech Support area of SCT's website (, It is recommended to input the S/N of your device, and download the software that is specific to that device.

Apparently the XCAL Firmware update software needs to be installed first,
and the Live Link Gen II software second.

It appears there is a device driver in the Firmware Update software that is needed, even though it appears the Live Link software installs the same driver.

Other notes:
Live Link Gen II only works with XCAL 3
XCAL 2 needs older software

SCT software is not supported on MAC, but some people use boot camp to run Windows on MAC hardware.

It is unknown if you can load software to support XCAL2 & XCAL3 on the same PC.
I may try this if I get time.
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