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Any advice on a good shop to go to?

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Hey guys, just looking to drop down from the 4.10 gears i had installed last summer. Any suggestions on a good shop to go to? Place i went charged $500 and had to have my car for an entire weekend. Would like to save time and money. Ps if interested in 4.10s ill be looking to let them go for a fair price.


  1. Grabber's Avatar
    bigwrm - Gear installs typically take a few hours. However, a shop could be behind and that is why they want it the whole weekend.

    However, $500 is a not a horrible price as fluids alone are about $50-$100 depending on the brand used.

    I would suggesting contacting Drew (01bluesnake) as he is a super good dude and his work is flawless.

    His shop is in Des Plaines which is a bit of a haul, but, he would be the first one I can think of that will work with you and give you a fair price and ETA on the work being completed.

  2. avmech's Avatar
    Geared up motorsports is a very good shop. I use them all the time.
  3. tylerscott01gt's Avatar
    What would you consider taking for the 4.10?