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      The Chicagoland Mustang Club, Chicago's premier Mustang Club, spreading across all of Chicago and its suburbs, began in September 2004 as a club for like-minded Mustang enthusiasts. With the area lacking a Mustang club that was not generational or model-specific, the Chicagoland Mustang Club, (CMC) opened to bring together Mustang owners of all generations and model ownership.

      CMC has since grown from one person to well over 2,000 members and touts sponsorships from leading Mustang High Performance shops and Mustang parts manufacturers. We host meet-and-greet days at local restaurants around Chicago, as well as club days at local drag strips. Past events have included dyno days, HUGE car shows, sunset cruises downtown and cruises to Starved Rock State Park. The Chicagoland Mustang Club also gives back to the community, hosting fundraisers for families in need, Children's Memorial Hospital, and participating in Toys for Tots.

      Last year this was a fantastic show! Great cruise, great day in the park with bros and lots of cool cars.

      25th Annual Mustang and Ford Show
      Perry Farm Park in Bourbonnais Illinois

      459 N. Kennedy Drive
      Bourbonnais, IL

      Participants Costs:
      Pre registration -----$10
      (postmarked by July 27, 2015)

      Registration -------- $20
      (day of show)

      Show Times/Judging

      Car Registration 8-11am

      Participant Judging 11am

      Trophy Presentations 3pm

      The car show is FREE to spectate, but must park in the spectator parking

      Make sure to vote so we can give them a head count for our RESERVED car show parking! If you are interested in competing in your CLASS and not with the CLUB, please PM me for more information!

      There will be a separate CRUISE thread posted!

      Back by popular demand, is the official CMC Sunrise Cruise - OG Edition! We are bringing this one back to its roots and going back to Chicago! We will meet at a ridiculously early hour and cruise through our beautiful city as the sun rises. This has always been one of the most popular events year after year. This is not one to be missed!! Below are all of the details:

      (If you arrive before 4:30 AM, the gate for the parking garage will not let you in)

      ROLL OUT
      5:20am SHARP!

      Whole Foods Parking Garage
      1101 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60607

      Meet on the top level of the parking garage located at the back of the building (Level P3). Enter the lower garage on Canal St. as shown by the arrow. Drive through the garage to the back and proceed up the ramp as shown in the picture below:

      All cars will have to pay to park in the parking garage. When you get to the parking garage gate, you will have to take a ticket. You will pay on your way out. The cost will be $2 or $7 (depending on how long we are there). You can pay with cash or a credit card. I have requested to have the pay station opened in the shopping center lobby on the top floor of the parking garage. Please don't let this minor inconvenience stop you. The top level of this parking garage offers one of the most beautiful views of the Chicago skyline!

      PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY THROUGH THE PARKING GARAGE! NO LOUD REVVING, NO BURNOUTS, TIRE SCREECHING, ETC! WE DO NOT NEED TO DRAW ANY UNNECESSARY ATTENTION TO OUR GROUP! Parking lot security will be present. Please be respectful of the property, other motorists, and fellow CMC members. Once your car is parked, please keep it parked and do not move it around.

      I emphasize to please be respectful since this is a very early cruise. There will be a time and place to let your car stretch it's legs. When you are near Whole Foods and in the parking garage, please keep your car quiet and drive cautiously. I also ask that everyone please keep the revs and exhaust noise down when we get into the residential neighborhoods North of Chicago. Follow all traffic laws, stop for all stop signs, and obey traffic signals. The Sunrise Cruise has been an annual event since 2007. We have had no major incidents or issues and we would like to keep it that way

      And this one goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: THIS IS NOT A RACE!

      Okay, enough rules!

      We will exit the Whole Foods parking garage on Taylor Street and turn left on Canal towards Roosevelt. We will turn left on Roosevelt and head towards Lake Shore Drive. We will turn left on LSD and follow it until it ends. From there, we will follow Sheridan Rd. until we reach Westleigh Rd. We will take Westleigh Rd. to US41 and then travel ~ 5 miles North to Full Moon Restaurant. When in doubt, follow signs for Sheridan Rd. or the Lake Michigan Circle Lake Tour.

      We will be making a stop in Evanston at the lakefront park and parking our cars on Sheridan Rd. We will stop for ~20 minutes to allow people to stretch their legs and allow us to regroup. Again, this is a residential area, so please do not draw unnecessary attention to our group!

      We will depart from Evanston and continue to drive until we reach our final destination, Full Moon Restaurant. We have a reservation for 50 people. Everyone is responsible for their own payments. The restaurant accepts cash and credit cards. The length of the cruise is ~ 2 hours from start to finish. I expect us to arrive to Full Moon by 7:30 AM.

      Full route details to be posted shortly. Please check this thread for updates.


      DATE: 5/30/2015 (Saturday)

      TIME: 10:00am


      Cozzi Corner (Parking Lot)
      1202 75th St
      Downers Grove, IL 60516




      -Free Prize Raffle (donate new toys for Advocate Hope Children's Hospital of Oak Lawn for FREE TICKETS)
      -Free Car Show w/Trophies
      -Live DJ Music
      -Professional Photography
      -Chicagoland Mustang Club Decals/Shirts
      -$5.79 Cozzi Food Special

      CMC's Season Opener will again be held in the Cozzi Corner parking lot in Downers Grove (same location as last year). Bring your Mustangs, bring your family/friends, and pack TOYS to donate! This will be an event you do NOT want to miss.

      As in the past, the biggest part of this event is the 7th Annual CMC TOY DRIVE to benefit the kids at Advocate Hope Children's Hospital of Oak Lawn. If you know CMC, you know that we are all about charity and helping out those less fortunate than us. The Chicagoland Mustang Club wants to bring a smile to the faces of kids that could really use something to smile about. Everyone who brings a NEW TOY to donate will be entered into a drawing to receive prizes donated by our sponsors and other companies we have found looking to help. When you first pull into the lot a section coordinator will show you where to park and help guide you into your space. Once complete, you can grab your donations and head over to the tent we will have setup to drop off your toys and get your FREE tickets to the raffle.

      This year we plan to fill a pack of Mustangs, from top to bottom, and deliver all of the toys collected at the opener to Advocate Hope Children's Hospital of Oak Lawn the day after the event. We will setup a cruise thread to load up and bring toys over to the hospital in typical CMC fashion! More details to follow. This is a great way for us to give back to our community. Please read their DonationGuidelines.pdf by clicking the link. It is important, as they can only accept NEW TOYS and have rules on what they can take as a donation (i.e. no stuffed animals, etc). Thanks in advance! As always, we hope to make an even larger donation this year thanks to all of the wonderful contributions from our members and staff.

      Advocate Hope Children's Hospital of Oak Lawn:


      More details to follow as they become available, let's make this an awesome event! Feel free to post this on other boards you frequent and use our flyer (the PDF attachment at the very bottom of this post is setup for printing) and hang them up in your local grocery stores, lightpoles, church bulletin boards, etc. All Mustang clubs are welcome!

      Did I mention there is a TOY DRIVE for Advocate Hope Children's Hospital of Oak Lawn!?


      CMC, Doin' it BIG Since 2004!

      PDF Flyer for Printing: 15print.pdf

      CMC is proud to announce your representatives for the 2015 Chicago Auto Show!

      The following vehicles will be on display from media day through the black tie event and until the end of the 2015 Chicago Auto Show! Please join CMC in congratulating these members and make sure to come down to the show to see the display!







      CMC DOIN' IT BIG IN 2015!

      by Published on 11-23-2014 07:24 PM

      You have asked for it and now it is here, just in time for delivery to be at the January 2015 banquet.

      Please ...
      by Published on 11-09-2014 01:00 PM
      Article Preview

      CMC would like to Welcome our newest Sponsor:

      D Mark Performance
      2436 E. Oakton St.
      Arlington Heights, ...
      by Published on 08-20-2014 01:36 PM
      Article Preview

      On behalf of the administration I would like to take a moment to welcome back, Mustang Power Source.
      by Published on 08-20-2014 01:48 PM

      On behalf of the CMC staff I would like to Allied Garage Doors for renewing their annual CMC sponsorship. As always, CMC ...
      by Published on 08-27-2014 11:39 AM

      On behalf of Chicagoland Mustang Club we would like to thank Obsessive Detail for renewing their annual club sponsorship. ...
      by Published on 08-27-2014 11:39 AM

      On behalf of Chicagoland Mustang Club we would like to thank Body Builders Automotive for renewing their annual club sponsorship. ...
      Published on 04-27-2014 10:39 AM
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      Talk to Rapid Waterjet Design in the CMC Forums!
      Waterjet Creations
      5418 Business Parkway, Ringwood, IL 60072

      http://www.rapidwaterjetdesign.com/motorsports - (815) 728-1929

      RWD Motorsports delivers a variety of high performance parts as your single source. Our vast experience comes from 40 years of manufacturing and engineering and a passion for motorsports We excel at performance parts solutions from prototype to full production.

      The CMC staff would like to thank all of our members who contributed ideas for the season online and at the planning meeting. As always, many of our core events are back again (some will bring a few changes, i.e. Sunrise Cruise route change, etc) along with some new additions. We also tried to create a nice balance of Saturday and Sunday events for those who may have work conflicts.

      Spring/Summer yet...?

      The 2014 Chicagoland Mustang Club Official Event Schedule

      Saturday, May 31st
      The 10th Annual CMC Season Opener, hosted by Cozzi Corner in Downers Grove

      Head Coordinators: CMC Staff

      Saturday and Sunday, June 14-15th
      CMC Overnight Trip to Galena (more details to follow)

      Head Coordinator: Omicron

      Sunday, July 6th
      The 8th Annual CMC Sunrise Cruise

      Head Coordinator: LTDmasta GT

      Sunday, July 27th
      The 6th Annual CMC BroBQ at Cantigny Park in Wheaton

      Head Coordinator: Splytsecond

      Sunday, August 3rd
      Northern Mustang Corrals "Mustangs in the Park", at Perry Farm in Bourbonnais

      Head Coordinator: UWISHU1

      Saturday, September 20th
      The 2nd Annual Cruise to Raceway Woods

      Head Coordinators: Omicron and 01Cobra

      Saturday, September 27th
      The Official CMC Trackday at Byron Dragway

      Head Coordinators: Omicron and PJx5x

      Sunday, October 5th
      The CMC Season Closer, Cruise to Lake Geneva

      Head Coordinator: 01Cobra

      NOTE: We will also have a number of unofficial events taking place throughout the season, including: Peoria SVT, a Spring Track Day, the NMRA Car Show in July, Auto Cross, Volo Mustang Show, monthly Meet and Greets, and more (stay tuned)! We also encourage our members to organize meets and car cruises of their own, but kindly ask that you do not propose them on dates that we have major events scheduled.

      We look forward to a great season in 2014 for the Chicagoland Mustang Club, thanks everyone!


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