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      Focus/Fiesta ST 2015+ Mustang Mods & Dyno Tuning
      635 Wheat Lane, Wood Dale, IL. 60191

      http://www.boombaracing.com - (630) 694-0404

      We are a performance shop based out of Wood Dale Illinois. We have a strong presence in the ST community with both the Focus and Fiesta. We bought a shop vehicle of our own last December [2015 Mustang Ecoboost premium with performance pack]. We produce all of our parts right here in house in our Wood Dale facility. Boomba Racing makes performance oriented products such as suspension components and throttle bodies as well as visual improvement pieces such as oil caps and battery tie downs. We manufacture parts for a wide variety of vehicles and are always in development of new pieces. Over the coming months we will be bringing many new products to the S550 market. The 2015 + Mustang is an awesome car and we plan to take the platform even farther!

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