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      The Chicagoland Mustang Club, Chicago's premier Mustang Club, spreading across all of Chicago and its suburbs, began in September 2004 as a club for like-minded Mustang enthusiasts. With the area lacking a Mustang club that was not generational or model-specific, the Chicagoland Mustang Club, (CMC) opened to bring together Mustang owners of all generations and model ownership.

      CMC has since grown from one person to well over 2,000 members and touts sponsorships from leading Mustang High Performance shops and Mustang parts manufacturers. We host meet-and-greet days at local restaurants around Chicago, as well as club days at local drag strips. Past events have included dyno days, HUGE car shows, sunset cruises downtown and cruises to Starved Rock State Park. The Chicagoland Mustang Club also gives back to the community, hosting fundraisers for families in need, children's hospitals, and participating in Toys for Tots.
      Published on 07-05-2016 01:57 PM

      Make CMC Great Again BBQ! At Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. Cantigny Homepage

      PLEASE use the poll above so we have a rough count. This will help determine how much food to order and how many spots to ask to be reserved. If choosing “in + family”, post up how many that includes. Thanks.

      Event Info
      Time: 10am – 2pm. Food will arrive around 11:30am

      Location: Cantigny Park, 1S151 Winfield Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189 Google Maps of Cantigny Park
      There will be some rows reserved for us. I will update later on where our area will be.

      Cost: $10 per car to enter Cantigny, but the CMC event is free

      General info: Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.
      Look around the Cantigny website (link above), there is much to do around the park for folks of all ages. There are two museums, a playground, hiking trails, gardens, and plenty of open space. Feel free to bring yard games (bags, etc) if you desire.

      Published on 07-05-2016 02:01 PM

      2016 CMC Official Events Schedule

      Click the stanza link below and have CMC events imported to your mobile device. The calendar should sync up with all major android/iPhone devices and calendar services. Just click the link below and then click the button "Add to Calendar" and then select the appropriate device/service.


      Sunday, April 24th
      SVT and Performance Fords Meet
      Head Coordinator: ADDDave
      Official Event Link

      Saturday, May 14th
      Tint To U Open House and Tint Party
      Head Coordinator: MGLT
      Official Event Link

      Saturday, May 21st
      CMC Season Opener
      Head Coordinators: MGLT, mee14x, Jake From State Farm, ADDDave
      Official Event Link

      Sunday, July 24th
      Make CMC Great Again BBQ at Cantigny Park

      Head Coordinator: ADDDave/Venomous
      Official Event Link

      Sunday, August 7th
      Mustangs In The Park
      Head Coordinator: UWISHU1
      Official Event Link

      Saturday, August 20th
      Cruise To Starved Rock

      Head Coordinator: ADDDave
      Official Event link coming soon!

      Saturday, September 10th
      Road Course Track Day

      Head Coordinator: mee14x
      Official Event Link

      Sunday, September 25th
      Byron Track Day

      Head Coordinator: MGLT
      Official Event link coming soon!

      Sunday, October 9th
      CMC Season Closer Car Show

      Head Coordinators: MGLT, mee14x, Jake From State Farm, ADDDave
      Official Event link coming soon!

      NOTE: As always, there will be unofficial events posted throughout the year by members and staff. We always encourage members to post up their own meets, cruises, car shows, and track days of their own, but we kindly ask not to propose these events on days when there is an official CMC event scheduled

      Published on 05-17-2016 10:31 AM

      05/21/2016 (Saturday)



      Twin Peaks
      781 N Milwaukee Ave.
      Wheeling, IL 60090




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